Why Everyone is Starting Their Own Business!

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According to Forbes.com, the percentage of Americans starting their own businesses is at an all-time high…

“The vast majority of these folks started businesses to pursue opportunity, rather than out of necessity. A whopping 43 percent of Americans believe there are good opportunities for entrepreneurship, the highest level recorded in the history of the study, called the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor U.S. report.”

Why are Americans so confident about starting their own business?

It seems that they’ve LOST confidence in the old way of doing business.

At least that’s what Donna J. Kelley, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College thinks…

“I’m wondering if, after the long recession, more Americans are coming to the conclusion that I did, when I started my own business in 2007: The old rules, in which getting traditional job was the smartest career route for many, don’t apply as much anymore.”

What about you?

Are you still clinging to the “old ways” of making money?

Or are you ready to ride the wave or entrepreneurship?

If you’re ready to finally join the tide, there’s no better way to get started than MTTB.

  • Low initial expense to get started
  • No overhead
  • No customer service
  • No shipping
  • No telephone sales
  • No pestering your friends to join your “downline”
  • Just big commissions

If this sounds intresting you can check it out here…


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