About me


PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. Life will be great because I say it will” ~Dee Snider

So Who am I!

Well my name is Roger Dahl and I’m a 42 year young guy from Sweden. I’m an entrepreneur involved in Affiliate marketing with MOBE (My Online Business Education).

I still have my job as a vodka blender at one of the bigger Vodka brands in the world. But my goal is to quit that and just focus on my online business.

I do consider myself as a businessman but not the traditional suites and tie one. I’m a guy that loves music and mostly hard rock, heavy metal, punk and rock n’ roll. You will more than often find me in the front row at a rock concert or a rock festival.

But I also enjoy spending a nice evening on my balcony with music on and a good book and a cold beer to that. I mostly read biographies and it’s often a biographie about rock bands or rockstars.

My business and goals

Well as I said I’m an affiliate with MOBE. MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. MOBE has great products for most areas in Internet Marketing. Whatever you may have problems with in your business they most likely have a great educational product for it.

But you can also become an affiliate with license rights to promote their products, with great commissions being paid out. The start up program is an easy 21 step system called Mttb. You will get a personal coach assigned to you who will guide you through the steps and answer all your questions. If you want to know more you can contact me or sign up to my newsletter. You’ll find all contact details under the Contact me bar in the menu.

Here’s a short video where founder Matt Lloyd explains what MOBE is:

What is MOBE?

My main goal is to quit my dayjob and keep on building my online business and make it grow.

But I also like to help others to achieve their goals and dreams. And I believe MOBE and Mttb can help me with these goals. It’s real easy and if I can do it so can you!

My best to you all!



You can sign up to my newsletter here.

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You can also contact me at this mail adress: roggedahl@bredband2.com


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